ACCOR NF PLASMA SKIN TIGHTENING / Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening

Plasma Shower Rejuvenation

The latest treatment, for non-surgical blepharoplasty, wrinkle reduction and general skin tightening on face, neck and body. Is a gentle alternative to surgery treatments. It combines plasma and low-frequency technology to target a wide range of advanced skincare conditions. It’s suitable for most skin types.

This is less invasive to surgery and delivers permanent results at a fraction of the cost. Plasma Treatments are a non-invasive treatment to shrink excess skin, bags and wrinkles, and keep them away for years to come. We were one of the first Clinics to offer this treatment in early 2018 and are using one of the safest and most effective devises on the market world wide. A thorough consultation is part of any procedure booked.


Improvement can usually be seen immediately. The results are more noticeable once the scabs have fallen off after 7 days and continue to improve for 2-3 months.

One treatment is often enough, however severity of loose skin, wrinkles and client expectations are all taken into account. Some clients may need a 2nd or 3rd treatment. We recommend any extra treatments to be done 3 months apart.

Typically around 2-5 years. Clients results vary depending on diet, lifestyle and the way your skin naturally ages. The results do not wear off as such, this treatment resets your Skin as if you have turned back time.

Yes, a consultation is always required to do a full Skin assessment, as well as ruling out any contradictions.

We take the preparation and aftercare, just as serious as the treatment itself. It would go against our integrity to simply treat a client without taken all precautions and being transparent.



​Upper lid lift

Single treatment is usually sufficient but may need a touch up treatment
Single Treatment £350
Follow up treatment £175

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Lower Eye/ Under Eye & Crows Feet

Result dependant on tissue base £300

Skin tightening – facelift

Course of 2/3 treatments required Lower third Mouth/marionettes/cheeks/left and right chin £380
Course of 2 £700
Course of 3 £1,000
Frown lines £200
Glabella £170

Upper eyelid (fat cells)

Course of 2/3 required until satisfied
Initial treatment £350
Follow up treatment £125

crows-feet-on-eyes (1)
Crows feet


Neck Tightening/ Resurfacing

Initial treatment £400
Follow up treatment £150

Stomach (mummy tummy) stretch marks and loose skin tightening

Follow up Treatment £200

accor ba
Accor NF Plasma Fiberblast

From £170


HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound). Is the most advanced and popular treatment ,does not require anaesthesia and can be performed on a wide range of clients. has low risk of side effects or complications, and most importantly is comfortable for the client.

The non-invasive procedure uses a high-powered beam of ultrasound and does not harm the tissues it transverses.

Depending on the penetration depth, it will treat different concerns: skin ageing, laxity, fine lines, improvement of skin tone and the ablation of excess fatty cells on the body. The HIFU process

Ultrasound energy is focused and penetrates tissue to cause thermal coagulation. The skin-healing response stimulates fibroblasts which, together with heat-induced denaturation of collagen, encourage the formation of new collagen, spatial structure and tightening of septal fibres, resulting in skin tightening and lifting.

Thermocoagulation predetermined focal points also destroy targeted subcutaneous adipose tissue, leaving surrounding tissues intact. This non-invasive ablation procedure offers several advantages in reducing local adipose tissue volume.

From £170

Plasma Shower Rejuvenation

Gentle strokes of plasma are brushed along the skin surface, stimulating collagen and fibroblast production,  resulting in softening lines, even skin tone, reduced pore size. Allowing products to penetrate an astonishing 84% more effectively than topical application alone.
Course of 2/3 treatments required
Full Face £125
Course of 2 £200
Course of 3 £280

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